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‘Icon of courage’: photographer captures the last Kayin men’s leg tattoos

German photographer Jens Uwe Parkitny’s photography exhibition opened last Friday at the Goethe-Institut showing the disappearing leg tattoos of Kayin men. The exhibition “Icon of Courage” will be on display at the Goethe-Institut from Dec.21, 2018 to Jan.10, 2019, as a sequel to the photographer’s last exhibition “Marked for Life” on the facial tattoos of […]

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Myanmar film industry fails to make changes towards gender discrimination, study finds

The Myanmar film industry tends to portray traditional gender roles and fails to make changes in gender discrimination and stereotype in recent films, according to Myanmar’s first gender-related study on Myanmar’s film industry launched in Yangon on Sunday. Myanmar films are giving messages that traditional beliefs and assumptions toward woman are correct and need to […]

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